All the AI-powered news coming to Bing and Edge

The North American company does not want to miss the opportunity to continue strengthening its tools.
Artificial intelligence everywhere. Microsoft is clear about the present and immediate future of the technology sector and is betting heavily on integrating AI into its products and services. It is no longer uncommon to use Bing in the same way that we do with ChatGPT to perform much more elaborate queries, in the same way that we can create images as we would with platforms like Midjourney . Now, Edge also joins the party and below we will tell you about its most outstanding news .

Microsoft continues the path of artificial intelligence with Bing and Edge

We will begin by shortening the new functions that Bing will integrate, as Microsoft is already advancing on its website . First of all, the searches carried out in the Bing chat will now be available as a history , with which it will be easy to consult everything that you have been asking the intelligent search engine. In addition, third-party plugins will soon be integrated, so if you are looking for the best Asian restaurants in your city, you will not only be able to find out what they are, but, for example, you will have the option to make a reservation without leaving the chat .

And if Bing will be enhanced thanks to better integration of artificial intelligence, it seems that Microsoft’s browser, Edge , will also have the opportunity to gain new features , apart from those that Bing can offer within the software of the Californian company. First of all, according to the information published by Microsoft , it seems that Edge will integrate Bing Chat into the sidebar , with the news that we have previously mentioned about the search engine of the American firm.

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With the Microsoft browser, the user will also be able to export their conversations with Bing Chat or make online content summaries . In addition, Edge will add the so-called Actions , which will allow certain processes to be carried out in a simpler way through the use of AI .

For example, if you search with Bing chat for an action movie to watch tonight, in addition to offering you different alternatives, Edge will allow the user to access the streaming service directly. This feature will be available on the desktop version and soon on the mobile versions. Without a doubt, if AI is going to be so useful, welcome it to our teams.


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