Best Phone Cases For Style & Protection In 2023

Ensure the pristine condition of your phone by safeguarding it against potential dings, scratches, and breaks. Explore our curated list of the best phone cases on offer.

While the iPhone 14 series boasts enhanced resilience, they’re not entirely invincible. Given the considerable investment made on these devices, it makes sense to fortify them with the cream of the crop when it comes to cases.

Finding the Ideal Case for Your iPhone Every iPhone iteration has a unique design, so when shopping for a phone case, ensure your chosen case fits the correct model. Especially note that the Pro models, encompassing the iPhone 14 Pro and its larger counterpart, the iPhone 14 Pro Max, feature extra cameras that demand a more extensive case cutout.

We’ve assembled an eclectic collection that suits varying preferences and budgets. Each case has undergone our rigorous testing, and as we identify more gems, we’ll update our recommendations.

Case Highlights

OtterBox Symmetry Series Plus: A household name thanks to its robust Defender series, OtterBox now offers sleeker alternatives. Enter the Symmetry Series Plus, available in a spectrum of shades, like the newly introduced Euphoria. Magsafe enthusiasts will be pleased to note its compatibility, and the Symmetry Plus Pop edition even integrates a PopSockets PopGrip, maintaining wireless charging capabilities. Plus, OtterBox extends a special offer for those purchasing for the first time from their site.

Speck’s Suite: Building on their strong repertoire, Speck’s line-up includes crowd-favorites such as the crystal-clear Presidio Perfect-Clear and its grip-enhanced sibling, alongside the Presidio2 Pro. The MagSafe-equipped models hover around the $50 mark, while the economical Candyshell Pro, sans MagSafe, is priced around $25. 

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Peak Design’s Everyday Assortment: These cases not only embrace MagSafe’s wireless charging capabilities but also introduce Peak Design’s innovative magnetic anchoring system, dubbed SlimLink. This facilitates connections to a wide spectrum of Peak Design mobile gadgets, ranging from bike holders to camera tripods. However, the wallet attachment may not provide a steadfast grip, so buyer discretion is advised. [Detailed Insight]


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