Five Mistakes You Make While Phone Charging

‘ smartphones ‘ have become a part essential to our daily lives. We use them to stay in touch with our loved ones, surf the internet, listen to music or, of course, make calls. And it is that today it is difficult to find someone who leaves home without their mobile phone.

But that dependence on smartphones can be disrupted when we run out of battery in the middle of the street. Because as much as we charge the mobile, the batteries of the phones deteriorate over time. Although this is inevitable, there are a number of errors when the phone charging that can be avoided to extend the life of the battery.

phone charging on the computer

Every time you charge your ‘smartphone’ on the computer through the USB cable you are reducing the battery life. This is because the currents oscillate a lot between the two USB inputs and this can cause more heating than charging in an outlet. 

Do not use the original charger

Using a single charger for several devices that have the same micro USB connector is another of the most common mistakes when charging the ‘smartphone’. Because they have the same connector does not necessarily mean that they are compatible and using a charger that is not the original can damage your phone’s battery

phone charging

Leave the phone charging all night

This is possibly the most common error when charging the mobile. Surely on more than one occasion you have plugged the phone before going to sleep to have the battery fully charged in the morning. But the truth is that this habit can damage the battery of your device.

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phone charging

Lithium batteries usually reach full charge within two to three hours of connecting and then stop charging. But when plugged in the device heats up, so leaving it exposed to that temperature rise overnight can stress and damage the battery.

Wait for the battery to run out completely

Letting the mobile keep the smallest possible battery to plug it in is one of the most common myths about how to correctly charge the phone. Whether it has a 40, like a 1, or 80%, you can load it with total peace of mind whenever you want and when it suits you.

phone charging

In fact, the ideal charge for a lithium-ion battery is between 20 and 80 %. Several experts also ensure that the optimum for good use would be to not always charge it at 100% b or keep it at minimum levels.

Leave the phone case on

That the temperature affects the phone’s battery is no secret. That is why device manufacturers usually recommend charging them without the cover on so that the heat escapes properly, something that many overlooks.

phone charging

Similarly, it is advisable not to leave the phone charging in very hot or very cold environments to avoid damaging the battery.


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