How to Keep the Outdoor Projector Clean and Safe

An outdoor projector is a great investment that is an essential piece in setting up a movie in the backyard. The equipment should be taken care of properly for quality and long-lasting services. You do not want to experience any fault at the peak of an event just because of negligence. The best images are achieved by routine maintenance if essential parts such as the cabinet, lamp, and lens.

Besides, precautionary measures should be observed for efficient and effective projector performance. Take a look at how to ensure the outdoor projector is kept clean and safe.

1. Read the instruction manual

The first and the most important thing to do before operating the projector are to read the instruction manual inside the package. Understanding the safe way to use the projector to avoid any unnecessary fault and ensure high performance. Maintenance tips are also highlighted specific to a particular model, thus helping you to keep it clean and safe. You will also be able to know when something is wrong with it and better enough to take protective measures before they occur.

2. Store in a cool and dry place

The packaging used when buying a projector is an important piece that should be kept well. It could be used to safely store the equipment since it is designed to fit well and cushioned to avoid high-impact damage. Once the projector is placed in its original packaging, it should be kept in a cool and dry place.

Water does not resonate well with electronics, and any contact with liquid may result in rust and damage tothe projector. The place should also be cool to avoid overheating that could affect the tool. Here are some tips for safe storage of projector:

  • Do not move the projector until it has cooled down completely
  • Use the original box to store or strongbox with cushioning in the absence of the packaging
  • Store remote control with batteries removed
  • Avoid extremely hot or cold places
  • Allow 30 minutes wait time for temperature adjustment before powering it on
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3. Power off/down properly

When the projector is powered off, the lamp should be given time to cool before packaging it. In fact, the bulb should be turned off two minutes prior to powering down the projector. This ensures the equipment continues to serve you effectively for a long time. As the projector powers down, it should not be moved or packaged. Safety guidelines on moving a particular model are highlighted in the instruction manual. Always refer to them.

4. Allow proper airflow

The projectors have filters that prevent overheating by allowing adequate airflow. The air is filtered before passing through operating components. The dust and other tiny particles, therefore,stay in the filter. There is a need to regularly clean the filter to avoid being clogged and thus preventing airflow to the other parts.

 If you notice any excess dust, then it is the right time to clean the filter. To avoid doing so, regularly clean the area where the outdoor projector is placed and away from any direct air vents.

5. Clean the lens occasionally

The projector’s lens should be cleaned occasionally for clear and crisp images. However, any smudges or dust on the surface warrant cleaning. Do not wipe it immediately after use; instead leaves it to rest for about half an hour before doing so. Use the lens-cleaning paper or cloth which usually comes with the package to clean it.

Move the shitter to the side, then wipe the lens and close the shutter after cleaning it. Liquid or detergent should not be sprayed directly to the glass as it can damage it and void the warranty.

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6. Do not touch the lamp with your hands

To ensure the projector’s lamp is safe and clean, you should keep the hands-off. When the bulb is hot, touching it can result in unnecessary severe burns. This does not mean hands on it when it is cold. The oil on your hands leaves some deposits on the cold lamp that result in blurred images. When the projector is powered on and lamps heat up the oil deposits burn up and leave a black spot that will appear on the screen. In fact, the lamp can shutteras a result of a large oil spot.

outdoor projector

Is there a need to clean other compartments?

Yes, definitely. Though not regularly done, you should clean the compartments before replacing the lamp with a new one or re-installing a clean filter. Clean all the dirt and dirt from the housing compartments using a vacuum cleaner. Vent fan areas should also be inspected for any debris build-up. The remains should be removed to keep the fan operating at the required speed to prevent overheating.

Where should I place the outdoor projector when using it?

The location where the projector sits as you enjoy movie outdoor should be chosen wisely. Apart from positioning it well for clear images, you should ensure there is space of 6-12 inches around it for proper ventilation. The heat will build up if ventilation does not occur well, leading to internal parts damage and affects lamp life.

The temperature in which the projector operates should alsobe noted. Those that produce more heat should be placed away from direct sunlight or any other heat source. You should also avoid using the equipment in smoky places as it will damage the projector’s optic. Internal lenses may also be affected, causing burry images and even complete failure of the lenses. Finally, the place chosen should be kept clean to minimize dirt and dust trap by the filters to avoid frequent cleaning.

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Keeping the projectors clean and safe, guarantees long-lasting services. However, without knowing how to do it can damage the equipment as soon as you start operating it. The tips given above should make it stress-fee to keep the projector safe and clean. When in doubt, always refer to the user manual provided in the packaging. Otherwise, you can be sure to enjoy a movie at your backyard using a well-maintained outdoor projector.


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