Want to sell your phone for as much as possible? Take care of it, and it will take care of your wallet.

Used smartphones’ market is doing well – so well in fact, that even some of the large companies are selling unofficially refurbished devices (ehm ehm, Apple, ehm ehm). There are plenty of online sale offers to be found; bah, there are even online stores dedicated to selling refurbished smartphones. Still, it is worthwhile remembering that not everyone will jump at the chance of buying a used phone just because it is cheaper. If you want to sell a phone, you need to make sure that it is in a good condition. Here is what you need to do before asking someone for money:

1. Make sure that you have checked the phone’s IMEI number. IMEI is an individual identification number of every device. It can usually be found on the phone – under battery or the rear panel – though sometimes it can be found on the phone’s original packaging. If all else fails, type *#06# into the device; this command should display the phone’s IMEI number. Once you own said number, you can use it to check on the phone’s warranty’s state. You can do it, for example at IMEI checker service, of course for free.

2. Order a paid expertise of the phone. Useful if you are trying to sell a particulary expensive smartphone. Expertise can usually be done in an authorized store of the phone’s manufacturer. Its price should be something around 25 euro, although it might vary. When complete, it will give you some solid info on the phone’s physical and software state.

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3. Make sure that the phone is clean – literaly. Carefully clean it in as well as outside. You can do it using compressed air, microfibre or just some warm water, a rag and a few drops of window cleaner. Due to COVID-19 it would also be a good idea to desinfect the device.

4. There is many sites which offer rebuy your phone. This services offer auto calculate value of your phone. Try few of them to compare your phone price. Of course price will be lower than price get on craigslist or ebay but you mostly you get money instant.

5. If you decide to sell your phone online on eBay, craigslist or some other website, make sure your phone IMEI isn’t blacklisted. You can check blacklist status of your phone for free at IMEI blacklist checker. You can get there free report about your phone and include it to selling offert.

6. You can get higher price if your phone is unlocked. Phone locked to one carrier can be use only with sim card from carrier you bought it. So if your iPhone is from AT&T potential buyer need to have AT&T sim card. In coronavirus times you can easily unlock phone online. Its not cost much and you can do it in any time.

Hopefully, these few tips will make it easier for you to sell your phone šŸ™‚


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